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Bethea Bullys Family

        Mommy Rayne!     


        Daddy Storm!       


In 2022, we started with Storm a handsome

ABKC Registered American Bully and

introduced him to Rayne a strong and chiseled female ABKC Registered American Bully

and it was love at first sight!

Within a week, they consummated their love

and 8 weeks later on September 8, 2022

Rayne gave birth to

a whopping 11 beautiful pups!

Rayne and Storm continued their love story and welcomed their 2nd litter on December 23, 2023. 

And those beautiful pups are now available to be reserved with delivery in February 2024!

They will be dewormed and have their first checkup

before being placed in their forever homes!.

Storm and Rayne have been amazing parents!

Check out the pics of the 2nd litter

now & reserve your future pup!

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