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Cane Corso Pups NOW Available!

Cane Corso Pups 12 Weeks

        Mommy Lucy!     

        Daddy Sinbad!       

Sinbad .HEIC

We have bred 3 litter sets of Cane Corsos since 2020 and are based in Lithonia, GA!

This year, Lucy, a beautiful female black ICCF Registered Cane Corso fell in love with

 Sinbad a humongous male fawn ICCF Registered Cane Corso and magic happened!

8 weeks later on February 21, 2023, Lucy gave birth to 10 beautiful CANE CORSO pups!

All pups are black brindles and looking for homes.

NOW AVAILABLE! 5 Remaining!!

They have their first shots and ready for their forever homes!

Lucy and Sinbad are great playful parents! Track their growth and take a pick NOW!

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